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Neurological rehabilitation is what we do. We focus on healing your body, firstly by working with your brain. We are results driven and will continue to work with you until you achieve improved physical movement and an improved way of life. Plasticity means an ability to be shaped, moulded, rewired, adapted, thus when it relates to ‘neuro’, it is referring to the brain being able to develop new neural connections, especially if the old ones have been damaged from trauma or disease. Neuroplasticity is the property of the central nervous system that allows new connections to be made and new pathways to be formed. Environment, experience, behaviours, exercise, motivation, and many other factors influence this plasticity, and how readily new neural connections can be formed in the brain. We offer a number of allied health services which can either in isolation or combination, bring about the desired change.

Steps’ experienced therapists work closely with clients to: Lissa walking on treadmill 2

  • Establish meaningful and realistic therapy targets.
  • Deliver quality treatment backed by research and evidence.
  • Involve other allied health professionals in therapy planning.
  • Source appropriate specialised equipment.
  • Set up and revise home, pool and gym programs.
  • Train carers and family members where assistance is required at home.


At Steps we take our values very seriously. Our values are:

  1. Clinical Integrity: We have unwavering standards for delivering the highest quality, evidence based therapy at all times.
  2. Excellent Communication: We truly listen to our clients. We give them a voice. We put their needs first. We work together as a team.
  3. Respect: We have absolute respect for every person, every brain and every body.
  4. Empowerment: We believe the greatest results are achieved by empowering our clients to take control and get the most from their body and their brain.
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