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Exercise Physiology

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Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology provides strategies to improve function and health through exercise. It includes exercise rehabilitation and exercise for health, as well as long term management of complex and progressive neurological conditions with a strong focus on health education, lifestyle behaviour modification and self-management tools.

Exercise Physiologists prescribe specific exercises to help with the rehabilitation and recovery of an individual who has been injured, suffers from a chronic illness, or would like to be more active but is unsure how to do this safely or effectively.

Services offered include:

  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Prescription of tailored clinical exercise programs (in-Clinic, at-home or in the community)
  • Support to integrate into community gyms or community-based exercise
  • Shoulder management and injury prevention programs
  • Health Education and Exercise Counselling
  • Wheelchair Skills training
  • Supporting return to recreational and leisure-based activities
  • Support to explore adaptive cycling opportunities
  • Aquatic Therapy, Water Safety and return to swimming training
  • Pilates based exercise therapy
How can Exercise Physiology help you?

Exercise physiology can help manage symptoms and delay the progress of some neuro-degenerative conditions.

Exercise programs specifically tailored to your goals and neurological condition will improve your ability to perform activities of daily living, move with more confidence and lead a fulfilled life.

Why Choose Steps?

Our Exercise Physiology team are experts in exercise prescription for neurological conditions. We use the latest evidence and technology to deliver one-on-one or group-based exercise to ultimately improve quality of life.

“The staff are amazing. They make the experience fun when it can be overwhelming embracing your new reality”

Exercise physiology client

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