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About Us

Our Story

Empowering people with neurological conditions for over a decade

Steps was started so that people with neurological conditions could have more say over their own therapy program. Too often, we saw Therapists making value-judgements on behalf of their clients.

Steps has grown into a multi-disciplinary service, where our clients have access to experienced allied health therapists that help them achieve their goals. We’ve created a place where people are given the dignity of being involved in the decision-making process about their own therapy path — a place where clients come first and their results, big and small, are celebrated regularly.

From passionate founders to a community of clinicians

We’re a team of passionate therapists who work with neurological conditions every day, as well as partaking in regular inhouse learning and external professional development. Our team of therapists are well-respected leaders in their field, staying at the forefront of evidence-based science research and technology, and presenting to community groups such as Parkinson’s Victoria and the Spinal Injury Resource & Support Network (SPIRE).

Our close working relationships with other community providers means that our clients receive a collaborative approach to their therapy where all of their clinical needs are addressed.

Choose with confidence

We’re a leading provider in neurological therapy