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Here are our general frequently asked questions.

Have you worked with my neurological condition/seen someone like me before?

Our therapists specialise in a wide range of neurological conditions and are all highly skilled in assessing and treating your specific therapy needs. Whilst some neurological conditions are seen more frequently than others, our therapists are equipped with a broad skill set, and are continuously broadening their knowledge to provide individualised and evidence-based intervention. See here for the conditions we treat and how each of our disciplines can help.

What is the set up of your clinic and what equipment do you have on site?

Our main clinic in Hughesdale is set up for both individual and group-based needs, containing two gym areas, a pilates room and private consultation rooms. Depending on your specific needs, your therapist will arrange your sessions in spaces suitable for you.

We have extensive accessible gym equipment available for cardiovascular fitness and strength training including a variety of types of exercise bikes, treadmill, cable weights, dumbbells, arm cycles and a cross trainer. In our pilates room we have pilates reformers, trapeze tables and smaller pilates exercise equipment. We’re also equipped with hoists, standing frames, walking harnesses, rails and a variety of gait and transfer therapy equipment.

Where are your clinics?

Our main clinic is located at 33-35 Warrigal Road Hughesdale, with bookings available from Monday to Friday. We also have a clinic in Blackburn South where we offer clinical-based Physiotherapy as part of the Bellbird Sports and Spinal complex on a Tuesday and Thursday. You can find out more about our Blackburn South clinic here.

We also offer home and community-based therapy sessions.

Do you do hydrotherapy, and do you have a pool onsite?

Whilst we do not have a hydrotherapy pool onsite, we do run hydrotherapy programs using the local community pools that are convenient to you.

Our therapists can provide setup of a hydrotherapy program and support worker training as required. This program will be updated and reviewed regularly to assist you in achieving your physical goals.

Will you come to my home and how is the travel charged for this?

Our therapists can do home visits for functional assessment and retraining in your home if this is the most appropriate environment for you to achieve your goals. Home visits are also often appropriate as part of the assistive technology prescription process. The travel is charged pro rata of the approved funding, at an hourly rate. This can differ slightly for funding bodies such as NDIS and TAC. Chat to our therapists and administrative team for more specific details regarding home visits and your funding.

How can I make the most out of my NDIS funds?

Your Steps therapist can discuss with you a variety of options to most effectively utilise your NDIS funding, which will maximise your ability to participate in therapy and life. Some examples of options that may be suitable to you are:

  • In rooms sessions to avoid using therapy funds for therapist travel
  • Group classes are more cost-effective than individual therapy sessions
  • Allied Health Assistant (AHA) services can assist with regular practice of therapy tasks and programs and can be an effective use of funds. All AHA programs are reviewed periodically by your Allied Health Professional.
Can you write me a report for my initial NDIS funding application?

Yes, our therapists can conduct an initial assessment and provide a written report to assist you with your NDIS application. Once you have an approved NDIS plan, we will provide you with a progress report prior to your scheduled NDIS Planning Review. This will assist you to gain the funding you need for your next therapy plan.

What is the difference between a neurological physiotherapist and a general physiotherapist?

A Neurological Physiotherapist has a specific skill set which has been developed through experience working with neurological conditions and professional development related to neurological therapy. Due to the variety and complexity of neurological conditions, our clients require interventions which may differ from those provided by a general Physiotherapist.

You can find the interventions we under our Services tab.

What does an OT do?

An Occupational Therapist (OT) works with you to regain, maintain and maximise your ability to complete daily activities independently and safely. This includes activities such as self-care, cooking, cleaning, gardening, returning to work, going on holiday or participating in leisure activities.

OTs can also assist you with home assessments and home modifications, equipment assessments and prescription (complex and basic), upper limb therapy, and even assistance with holiday planning — just to name a few!

Do you offer exercise classes?

Yes. Subject to your therapist’s approval and recommendation, there are a variety of exercise classes and pilates groups available. These classes are run by our highly skilled exercise physiologists each day of the week.

As well as being a cost-effective way to participate in regular exercise therapy, these classes also provide an opportunity for informal social engagement in a fun and positive setting.

Do you sell products and equipment such as wheelchairs?

We are able to facilitate purchase of small therapeutic items, for example exercise equipment and pain management products. For larger items like wheelchairs, or transfer and walking aids, our therapists can assist in recommending / prescribing products suitable to your needs and then refer you on to an approved supplier.

We do make and sell push mitts for manual wheelchair users. These are made to order and can be customised to your needs. Check them out here.

Do you work with children?

We accept referrals for clients with a neurological diagnosis aged 16 years and older.

Do you have car parking onsite?

Yes, we have a carpark at our Hughsdale clinic underneath the building which you can enter from Swindon Road. To enter, please press the buzzer to the right of the car park and one of our friendly reception team will open the gate for you.

We also have a 15 minute drop-off zone at the front of the clinic and there is 2 hour street parking available.

Is there any funding available to help find my therapy sessions?

There are many different funding options that may be available to you. These include NDIS, TAC, DVA, My Aged Care, Multiple Sclerosis Australia, State Trustees, Chronic Disease Management Plans (formerly EPC) and Private Health Insurance.

Please note that if you have an EPC plan from your GP this will subsidise your therapy by $55.10 per session. The session will not be fully funded and there will be a gap payment.

You can find out more information on funding options here.

What should I choose Steps over other clinics?

Where do we start?! Steps is a lively, positive and motivating setting for you to work towards your goals.

We have a range of equipment to suit your therapy needs, as well as access to group exercise classes on a daily basis. We encourage and enable our clients to participate in community-based activities such as attending the local gym or hydrotherapy facility, and also help facilitate community access and participation in work, holiday and leisure activities.

Our therapists are highly skilled in providing neurological therapy and are continuously participating in professional development, meaning that you will be provided with the best interventions for your condition. We provide an individualised approach to your care and ensure that you are involved in the decision-making process about your own therapy path.

What can I expect from my therapy sessions?

Your initial session with your Steps therapist will involve you getting to know each other and your therapist understanding what it is you want to achieve from your therapy. By the end of your first session, you will both have a clear understanding as to what your therapy will involve and how we can help you achieve your goals.

We will continue to work with you, and give you the tools and resources you need to progress your programs and your abilities, and to set your life up to best suit you and your body. Practice is a major component of goal achievement for many people with neurological conditions and injuries – we will work with you to determine how you can best achieve this.

Neuroplasticity underpins all new skill acquisition. We will integrate knowledge about how our nervous system works into all aspects of therapy program planning and implementation.

Can you work with my existing therapy team?

Yes, we often work together with other therapists – either of different professions, or in a consultative capacity for generalist therapists (ie your local physiotherapist if travel to our clinic is a barrier). We will support your participation in external exercise classes, by both communicating with the class provider and assisting with modifying any aspects of the class as indicated.

Got more questions?

Contact our friendly reception team for further help