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Wheelchair & Seating

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Wheelchair and Seating

Finding the right wheelchair that fits you comfortably and meets all your needs can be a very daunting process. Our wheelchair and seating specialists have a vast amount of experience in wheelchair prescription and product knowledge for both manual and power wheelchairs and can help ensure you are sitting in the best chair for you.

Our therapists work with all wheelchair equipment providers in Melbourne. They’re also often attending courses and seminars to ensure they are on top of all of the new products that hit the market including pressure cushions, wheelchair frames, new materials and new technology.

How can Wheelchair and Seating help you?

Our wheelchair and seating process is very comprehensive. For your initial session, your therapist will gain a detailed understanding of your needs by asking you a variety of questions about how you currently use a chair, or if it’s a new thing for you, how you will be using it.

Your therapist will then do a physical assessment of your pelvis, spine, posture and flexibility in order to understand how your body will best be positioned in your new chair. Your seating specialist will work with other members of your team such as your occupation therapist and/or your physiotherapist.

Following the assessment, your therapist will arrange for you to trial potential chairs that meet your needs, and together you can decide what’s right for you. Once funding is approved and the wheelchair is yours, your therapist will conduct a final check to ensure the fit is correct, comfortable and meeting your needs.

Why choose Steps Neurological Therapy?

Our highly-skilled therapists have extensive wheelchair and seating product knowledge, and work collaboratively with all wheelchair providers in Melbourne. They also deeply understand the reporting and justification requirements of the relevant funding bodies – getting your application right the first time speeds up the process for everyone, and avoids unnecessary delays.

They will work alongside your other therapists, making the process streamlined and easier for you, and offer the flexibility of in-clinic or home/community appointments.


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