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Neurological Physiotherapy

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Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of people who have an injury, or have a disease or condition affecting the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system.

Our neurological physiotherapists harness the power of neuroplasticity in all aspects of their treatment planning and implementation – giving your brain the ability to rewire itself, and allowing your body to achieve the best movement patterns possible.

How can Neurological Physiotherapy help you?

At Steps, physiotherapy sessions usually involve one-on-one in-clinic sessions with your dedicated physiotherapist. If indicated, your physio will also provide training for your family members or team of support workers so they can assist you to continue working on your therapy goals outside of your formal sessions. Our range of accessible equipment, pilates studio, and exercise gym means that your exercise approach and movement experiences can be varied from session to session.

Participating in neurological physiotherapy will usually involve working on everyday movement tasks like standing up; balancing; and walking. These movements will be ‘broken down’ and you will practice components of the movement task with your therapist. This will often involve:

  • Functional strengthening of specific muscle groups related to the movement that is challenging for you
  • Muscle tone (and spasticity) management
  • Management of muscle length, and extensibility of other soft tissue that may be limiting a normal movement pattern
  • Sensory re-training
  • Integration of proprioceptive input into the movement patterns being trained
  • Musculoskeletal injury prevention and management
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Falls prevention training
  • Part and full practice of functional movements with facilitation where required
Why Choose Steps?

Our physiotherapists have a deep knowledge base and experience in management of a wide range of neurological conditions. They will:

  • Conduct a thorough neurological physiotherapy assessment
  • Work closely with you to determine your goals, and to understand what is motivating you to achieve them
  • Create an evidence-based, innovative program tailored to you
  • Introduce you to exercise equipment or therapy interventions you may not have previously been exposed to
  • Listen to you, and be guided by what you want to spend time working on
  • Challenge you to be your best
“The team helped me live the life I wanted. Everything was completely goal driven.”

Neurological physiotherapy client

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