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Hand Therapy

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Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is rehabilitation of the hands, wrists and upper limbs, often after an injury or because of a chronic condition.

At Steps, we are able to provide all aspects of hand therapy services. Your initial appointment will involve a thorough assessment of your upper limb function including your muscle strength, range of motion, sensation, spasticity and function. We will listen to your needs and help you set goals in collaboration with your wider team of therapists.

We offer telehealth consultations if you’re unable to come into the clinic, and if you live rurally we can provide telehealth consultants in conjunction with your local allied health professional.

How can hand therapy help you?

Hand therapy can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Preventing loss of motion
  • Reducing pain and stiffness
  • Improving passive and active range of motion
  • Gaining movement
  • Rehab injuries
  • Goal orientated upper limb functional goals
  • Prescription of aids and appliances including specialised splinting
  • Education to client and carer/family to assist understanding and home program
Why Choose Steps Neurological Therapy?

Hand therapy at Steps means that you’ll have a consistent treatment approach, with access to the wider therapy team who can all work together to help you achieve your goals. For example, you might also see an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist for proximal control to improve your hand function, or an occupation therapist who can help translate your hand movement to functional-based tasks.

We are also supported by medical colleagues who can enhance therapy with interventions such as targeted botulinum toxin injection or considerations for surgical interventions and medication prescription.

Our onsite facilities include a large gym, specialised splinting equipment, as well as hand function assessment and rehabilitation tools. We are also able to support patients who are unable to attend onsite via telehealth and the prescription of home exercise programs.

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