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Sarah Armanios

Neurological Upper Limb Therapist (OT) BAppSc(OT)

Sarah has been interested in occupational therapy since she was a teenager, where she suffered a hand injury that required reconstructive plastic surgery. She can still recall the experience and the positive impact that the therapist had on her hand function, and has now worked as an OT in hand therapy for over 15 years.

Sarah’s career has seen her work with children with sporting injuries to congenital hand deformities, cerebral palsy and burns, to adults with orthopaedic and tendon injuries plus neurological conditions such as such stroke and spinal cord injuries.

Sarah enjoys having the opportunity to form long working relationship with her clients. She loves that she’s never working alone but as a part of a multi-disciplinary team sharing clinical knowledge and client centred treatment.

Sarah’s current clinical area of interest is in spinal cord injury and spasticity, with a big part of her role focusing on rehabilitation of the upper limb following reconstructive surgery.

Her approach to clinical practice is patient centred care around their goals, using evidence–based rehabilitation programs in treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and following arm and hand reconstructive surgery to safely restore function and enhance independence.