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Natasha Bonnano

Neurological Physiotherapist BPT (Hons)

Natasha is a swimmer, so she’s always enjoyed studying movement, technique and understanding the way the body works. She’s also very social and loves working with people, so she decided on physiotherapy as a career and has never looked back.

Natasha enjoys working with conditions that vary so much from person to person, and thinking outside the box in order to find ways to help to make improvements to one’s everyday function. She especially enjoys working with stroke survivors and spinal cord injury clients, as well as people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

In the beginning of her career, Natasha gained experience working with a broad range of conditions in a hospital setting. Her role as the senior physiotherapist on the Acute Stroke Unit with Peninsula Health has steered Natasha to her special interest in retraining movement, gait and balance in clients affected by Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.