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Kelly Gibson

Clinical Manager, Physiotherapy Team Leader and Neurological Physiotherapist B.Science(Phys) | APAM

Kelly was always interested in a career in the healthcare sector, and from a young age she had seen the value and positive impact of physiotherapy on family and friends who had disabilities. Her original dream was to be a physio for the Fremantle Dockers Football Club, but lucky for Steps

Kelly loves her role as a Senior Physiotherapist as it gives her the opportunity to help make positive improvements in client’s lives during some of their most trying times. She takes a holistic, evidence-based and client-centered approach to her work, empowering people to be active participants in their overall physical management.

Kelly has worked in neurological rehabilitation in both Australia and England, and has completed many postgraduate courses including Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 3, Basic Bobath Course and Dry Needling Level 1.

Steps – 1, Dockers – 0.