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Josh Marstersen

Neurological Exercise Physiologist MClinExPhys | Bex&SportSc | ESSAM AEP

Since he was young, Josh has always enjoyed meeting and helping people, simply put this gives him joy. Josh is energised by being able to understand how the body learns, and how he can best use exercise to help his clients along their neurological rehab journey.

Josh describes his approach to clinical practice as evidence based; fun; personal; and understanding of individual differences. He makes sure that his clients feel like they are on the right track, heading where they want to go, and that they understand the milestones they need to hit along the way.

Josh loves how his role at Steps introduces him to amazing people every day. He loves being a part of the team of therapists at Steps, and also values every individual client team he is part of. Josh wishes more people could see and experience how rewarding the benefits of a clinically structured exercise physiology program can be.