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Georgia Pope (nee Daniel)

Neurological Physiotherapist MPhysioPrac | BHlthSc | APAM

Georgia spent a lot of time when she was young accompanying a family member who had scoliosis to their physiotherapy appointments. She found it fascinating how the physio helped them with their training and the demands required for them to get to state level rowing. This fascination, coupled with a work experience gig at Alfred Health, saw Georgia ditch her dream of becoming a dolphin trainer and go down the physiotherapist path instead.

Georgia believes that the best feeling comes from seeing a client achieve the goals they’ve been working towards for a while; whether it be a first step after spinal cord injury, being able to climb up stairs, or feeling more comfortable adjusting to a piece of assistive tech that was initially daunting.

Throughout her career, Georgia has gained valuable experience in hospital, public community and research settings, both locally and internationally. Her keen interest in Neurological Physiotherapy has led her to further her studies, and she’s currently enrolled and participating in a Masters of Clinical Rehabilitation in Neurological Physiotherapy.