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Florence Goodwin

Neurological Physiotherapist BPT(Hons) | APAM

Florence always wanted to work in the healthcare sector, and was drawn to physio due to the variety of different career options and the good work-life balance that comes with it.

As a neurological physiotherapist, Florence is most interested in working with people who have had strokes or acquired brain injuries. She enjoys working with people over a long period of time to help them reach their goals so they can get back to doing things that they enjoy and are important to them. This is evident in the way she approaches her work— always making sure that the treatment and exercises the prescribes are relevant to these goals, and that the client is at the center of making decisions about their therapy.

If there was something she wished more people knew about her job, it would be that the role of a neurological physiotherapist in someone’s rehab journey is more involved than people realise. A neuro PT is often involved both in the hospital and when the client returns home, working with them over a long period of time to help them achieve their goals.