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Abbey Heron

Neurological Exercise Physiologist MClinExPhys | BEx&SportSc | ESSAM AEP

Abbey chose to become an exercise physiologist due to her love for helping others achieve their goals, and her passion for making exercise fun so people can stay active for longer.

Abbey approaches her job by really getting to know the client first, understanding them as a whole and then deciding the most effective approach to take. She uses evidence-based practice as a basis for all of her exercise prescription, and also believes in trial and error — it’s often good to give something a go even though it may not necessarily work as this is how the best treatment plan is often found!

Abbey enjoys working with a variety of neurological conditions, seeing how they present differently, and then coming up with an exercise prescription that works for the client. She’s very interested in aquatic therapy as it’s a great way to stay mobile, improve cardiovascular fitness and challenge limitations.