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At Chatter Matters, Anne-Marie focuses on children feeling engaged and having fun whilst learning. Anne-Marie aims to provide parents and carers with the necessary skills to follow through therapy targets in the child’s everyday environment.

Anne-Marie works in a family centred way and believes that “knowledge is power”. She always works in partnership with families to tailor therapy to each individual child- “One size does not fit all!” Anne-Marie is dedicated to helping your child reach their potential. As a parent of three children she understands the challenges of raising a family and also wanting the best for your child. She is able to quickly establish rapport with clients and is dedicated and flexible.

Anne-Marie prides herself in delivering up to date, evidence based intervention which is specific to your child’s identified needs. She looks at the child as a whole, including their strengths and interests, and aims to have fun in the sessions to keep children motivated. With your permission, she will liaise with other professionals involved with your child such as G.P.s, Paediatricians, teachers, Occupational Therapists or Psychologists to ensure a consistent approach with your child.


  • Child Care/preschool/school consultationsplaying
  • Parent consultation appointments
  • Assessments
  • Diagnostic report writing
  • Therapy
  • Parent training
  • Group work (subject to student numbers and availability)


There are different types of funding options available that your child may be eligible for. Some examples of funding for speech pathology services at Chatter Matters are:

  • FaHCSIA- Helping Children With Autism
  • FaHCSIA- Better Start
  • Helping Children With Autism (Medicare)
  • Chronic Disease Management Plan (Formerly Enhanced Primary Care)

Anne-Marie is a registered provider for the FaHCSIA Helping Children With Autism and Better Start early intervention government initiatives.
She also provides services under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plan) and the Helping Children With Autism plan in conjunction with General Practitioners.

Who can chatter matters see?

  • Children up to 18 years of ageBaby
  • Expressive language- difficulties with spoken language including sentence production and grammar
  • Receptive language – difficulties following instructions and understanding concepts (e.g. before/after/in/on/under/first/last etc.)
  • Articulation- difficulties pronouncing sounds accurately
  • Stuttering – word and sound repetitions, hesitations or difficulty getting out words
  • Social skills/language and interaction- difficulties using language in an appropriate way or in social settings
  • Literacy- Difficulties with reading or writing
  • Late talkers

When to refer?

  • Your child is frustrated when trying to communicate
  • Your child is not using single words by age 18 monthschalk board
  • Your child’s speech is difficult to understand by 3 years
  • Your child is not understood by others
  • Your child has difficulty following verbal instructions or understanding what you are saying to him/her
  • Your child is having difficulties with reading or writing at school
  • Your child has difficulties making and keeping friends
  • Your child has good language skills but is not using these skills in social situations
  • You think your child may be stuttering
  • Your child is not combining 2 words together in a phrase by 2.5 years
  • Your child is not producing sounds accurately for their age
  • Your child’s teacher has raised concerns about your child’s learning

We offer an obligation free 15 minute phone consultation with Anne-Marie to answer any questions you may have regarding Speech Pathology at Chatter Matters and your child.

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