Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Steps occupational therapy specialises in helping people with neurological conditions such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.

Occupational Therapy services are offered from the Hughesdale clinic. Home and community visits are possible, with travel charged from our Hughesdale site.

Your Steps occupational therapist will initially conduct a thorough assessment, and then work with you to devise a treatment plan.

Steps occupational therapy offers a number of services for both adults and children including;

Occupational Therapy – In rooms or in home treatment sessions

At Steps, we can see you either in our clinic rooms, or at your home. Sometimes in rooms treatment sessions are determined to be the most appropriate, so that we can utilise specialist equipment such as our splinting equipment, plinths, and large open spaces, to help you maximise your abilities.

If it is difficult for you to attend appointments at our clinic, or, if you are working on goals that are related to in home or community activities and are best practiced in a “real life” environment, we can provide treatment sessions in your home and local community.

Programs are individual and personalised, and can focus on assisting you to regain movement in a limb, increase your independence at home and in the community, or simply maintain your current level of ability.

Occupational Therapy – Joint sessions with health care professionals or specialists

Your Steps Occupational therapist will collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure you receive a holistic approach to your treatment. We often conduct joint sessions to ensure all your therapy needs are being met. Our Steps Hughesdale location offers a meeting room, where team and family meetings are often conducted to improve client management. With your consent, we will also send a letter to your GP or other health care professional to keep them informed of your therapy progress.

Occupational Therapy – Carer / Family Member training

Steps Occupational Therapists will train your carers or family members to ensure they are helping you safely at home. Whether it be help for activities of daily life, or for completing exercises prescribed by your therapist, Steps will ensure you and your helper are protected from injury.

Occupational Therapy – Home modifications recommendations

Your Steps occupational therapist can complete an assessment of your home, and provide recommendations about ways that your environment could be modified to optimize your independence. This may include a variety of areas of the home, including the access, bathroom, kitchen, living areas and car parking space.


Occupational Therapy – Functional retraining for everyday activities

Having the skills and techniques to be able to complete everyday activities such as getting dressed, eating, and participating in leisure activities and vocational pursuits are important to many people. Your Steps occupational therapist can support you to learn these skills and techniques. If your therapist feels that certain pieces of equipment may be helpful in you achieving these goals, they can also arrange for you to trial different items.

Occupational Therapy – Assessment and prescription of equipment

Your Occupational therapist at Steps will assess your equipment needs and find appropriate equipment for you. Equipment we commonly source for adults and children include wheelchairs, hoists, commodes, beds, driving equipment, leisure equipment and much more.


Occupational Therapy – Functional independence reviews

Occupational Therapists are required to review functional independence reviews from time to time, to ensure that your care needs are being met. Steps can meet with you to discuss your care needs, and submit any documentation required by your funding body for ongoing care support.

Occupational Therapy – Upper limb management

Steps occupational therapists are trained in managing a range of neurological upper limb impairments, including spasticity management, strength training, fine motor and tenodesis training, scar management and compensatory therapy. Your therapist will complete a thorough upper limb assessment with you, and devise a plan for optimizing your upper limb function.



Occupational Therapy – Splinting (typing, writing, resting splints etc..)

Splints may be useful for a variety of issues, including managing spasticity and pain, and using in functional tasks like typing, writing, eating and grooming. Your occupational therapist can complete an assessment of what type of splint may be useful for you, and recommend pre-fabricated, or “off the shelf” splint, or customize one for you.


Occupational Therapy – Assistive technology sourcing and training

Assistive technology can provide you with optimal independence, especially in areas that are physically challenging. Your occupational therapist can provide recommendations and training in the use of a variety of assistive technology areas, including voice recognition software, computer access, gaming and communication.


Occupational Therapy – Vocational consultancy

Many people who are recovering from an injury or illness still want to work, but they may need support, training and vocational consultancy services to help them obtain and keep a job. Your occupational therapist can complete an assessment with you to determine what your goals around vocation are, and provide support that may help to overcome barriers that are outside of your control, such as accessibility, equipment, financial and health care issues, and employer attitudes.

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