Group Classes

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are a great way to work towards your goals, stay motivated and have fun in a safe and supervised environment. Between our two clinics at Hughesdale and Blackburn, Steps Neurological therapy services has you covered. We run general strength and conditioning classes, condition specific exercise classes, telehealth, and Pilates classes.  

 All group exercise classes are supervised by an Exercise Physiologist and are designed to be run in small class sizes to ensure you get the support you need. Each exercise class is tailored to you and are individually prescribed to address your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and balance goals. 

 Prior to commencing a group exercise class our Exercise Physiologist will complete an assessment to guide you to the most beneficial group for your needs and to prescribe a program individually designed to help you reach your goals.  

Circuit classes

Hughesdale: Tuesday 1:30pm, Thursday 1:30pm 

Blackburn: Tuesday 1:00pm 

This group takes place in a casual gym environment using some exercise equipment and some body weight exercise. Each participant has an individualized exercise program specific to their goals, incorporating strength, cardiovascular fitness and balance exercises. Participants complete their exercises under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist who can assist in progressing/regressing exercises when necessary. Group exercise helps to foster confidence in completing exercises independently, whilst having the support of other group members to spur you on.  

Group exercise for adults with CP 

Hughesdale: Tuesday 4:00pm 

This is for adults with cerebral palsy to encourage greater participation in physical activity in a safe and supervised environment. Exercise is essential to improve cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, balance and flexibility, to assist in reducing secondary complications including functional loss and independence.     

Exercise group for young and  active males 

Hughesdale- Wednesday 3:30pm 

Fun and energetic, this young adults group always love a challenge with high level balance  coordination, agility,and strength training.  

Telehealth group exercise

Friday 1:00pm 

Prefer not to leave the house and exercise at home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our telehealth circuit group is designed purely around your capabilities, everyone participates in the same exercises with alternatives to accommodate for all. Our telehealth group is a great way to stay active at home with easy and safe to follow exercises with minimal equipment required.  


Hughesdale- Friday 10:00am and 11:00am 

Pilates is a low impact exercise option that works on muscle strength, control, flexibility and body awareness. The small group pilates classes use pilates apparatus including the reformer, trapeze table and wundachair. All participants complete a pilates program individualised to their own abilities and needs under the close supervision of an Exercise Physiologist with pilates training.    


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