Group Classes

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes are a great way to get in shape, stay motivated and have some fun. Steps Neurological Therapy Services run circuit classes tailored to you addressing strength, balance, function and cardiovascular fitness.

Group exercise classes are small to ensure you get the support you need and programs are run in the form of a circuit class. The exercises change regularly to make sure you are always being challenged.

Our exercise physiologist will complete an assessment prior to you joining the group exercise class.

Aphasia Group

Aphasia is a condition that affects a person’s ability to communicate. Aphasia can affect a person’s ability to speak and understand people speaking to you. It can also cause reading and writing difficulties.

Steps is now running an Aphasia Group every Tuesday. Being part of a group is a great way to meet other people with Aphasia. It is also a chance to:

  • Socialize with others
  • Practice therapy techniques
  • Work on your goals in a realistic social setting

The group can be funded by NDIS or other funding bodies depending on your funding arrangement. Prior to joining the group you will have an assessment with a Speech Pathologist to see if the group is right for you.

Accessible Yoga

If you want to move your body, but not sure what kind of exercise is right for you, why not give Accessible Yoga a try!

Designed for everyone, accessible yoga is a great way to move your body in a gentle way. Steps clinician Georgia Wall is an experienced Yoga instructor who now offers Accessible Yoga classes every Wednesday at our Hughesdale clinic. You don’t need experience in Yoga to join our class, just book in and come along.

Benefits of Accessible Yoga include moving your body and feeling energised, learning techniques in relaxation and practicing mindfulness and breathing.

Come and try yoga in a gentle, supportive and inclusive environment, with a therapist who understands your neurological condition.

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