Exercise Physiology

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Clinicians at Steps use exercise physiology to measure and monitor the effects of physical activity on the body’s short-term biological responses, that is, exercise stress tests. In addition, the clinicians continuously review the impact of long-term exercise on the body, in particular the cardiovascular system. The outcome the clinicians hope to achieve for clients is an improvement in their ability to lead a fulfilled life. Exercise physiology services are offered from the Hughesdale clinic. Home and community visits are possible, with travel charged from our Hughesdale site.

Steps exercise physiology offers a number of services for all ages and abilities, including:

Exercise Physiology – Strength and conditioning programs

Your Steps exercise physiologist will complete an assessment on your current strength and fitness, they will then prescribe you with a strength and conditioning program to help maximize your function and achieve your therapy goals. This program will be regularly revised as you improve.

Exercise Physiology – Community gym integration

Steps will help you find an appropriate local community facility that meets your needs. Your Steps exercise physiologist will also provide you with an individually tailored program to help you reach your goals, your program will be regularly reviewed as you progress.

Belinda Pilates

Exercise Physiology – Pilates

Pilates focuses on the re-training and recruitment of deep stabilising muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility. Your Steps exercise physiologist will use Pilates equipment and techniques to help you reach your therapy goals.

Exercise Physiology – Graded return to exercise

If you have been unwell, injured or out of action your Steps exercise physiologist can help get you back to your best by prescribing a graded return to exercise program. Your exercise physiologist will assess your current and prescribe a graded rehabilitation program individualized to your needs. A graded return to exercise program ensures there are no set backs on your road to recovery.

Exercise Physiology – Lifestyle education and modification

Your steps exercise physiologist will help you identify and implement changes to your lifestyle, to improve your health and well-being by providing lifestyle education, with a focus on improving physical activity, nutrition and promoting self- management. Your Steps exercise physiologist will help you find lifestyle solutions that suit you.

Exercise Physiology – Weight management plans

After a serious injury or illness managing your weight can be very challenging. Your Steps exercise physiologist will complete a thorough assessment, support you to set achievable goals, provide education to and prescribe an individualized weight management plan. You therapist will monitor your progress regularly and provide you with the tools to self-manage your weight.


Exercise Physiology – Shoulder pain management and prevention programs

Your Steps exercise physiologist will assess the strength and mobility of you shoulder and provide you with an individualized program to minimize shoulder pain and decrease the risk of shoulder injuries in the future.

Exercise Physiology – Wheelchair skills training

Getting on the bus, going to the local shops or the pub, playing with your children or grandchildren in the
park, or just safely carrying a cup of tea from the kitchen to your living room – that’s what wheelchair skills training is all about. Your Steps therapist will help teach you the skills to access your community with more ease and minimize the risk of injury.

Exercise Physiology – Return to swimming training

After a severe injury returning to swimming can be a daunting task. Your Steps exercise physiologist can help you feel confident in the water by teaching you safe water techniques to helping refine your swimming technique. Your Steps therapist will help you find a local pool that meets your needs.

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