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Tamara Brown

Neurological Physiotherapist BSc (Physiotherapy) | APAM GradCertAgeDis | APAM

Additional certifications & training (beyond what is on your current business card):

Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy

Why did you choose to become a Physiotherapist?  

When Tamara was young, she watched a physio help her family member get ‘back on their feet’ and she decided this was the job for her.

Tamara loves helping people across different age groups, and at different stages of their therapy journey. She is energised to collaborate with all the people who support her clients – in both professional and caring roles.

Tamara describes her approach to clinical practice as “very person centred, by working with the client to identify their goals and decide how we can best tailor their therapy to help them to achieve these goals. I care a lot about open and respectful communication and helping to support the client to ultimately be in charge of their own journey.”

About working at Steps, Tamara says: “I really enjoy my job at Steps Therapy as it is such a fun and energetic environment to be in. The team is so supportive and everyone is always happy to talk through things or help out when needed. “